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Captive Insurance Programs

Thousands of larger businesses have turned to Captive Insurance programs, an exciting alternative to traditional insurance. These programs reach across a broad range of industries, empowering their members with the security and peace of mind that comes from greater control over their insurance destiny by avoiding the cyclicality of the standard insurance industry.

Captives are closely held insurance companies, owned and operated for the sole benefit of their member policyholders. Unique advantages include:

  • Return of unused premiums as a dividend
  • Initial premium funding is often less than conventional insurance program costs
  • Investment income earned on the dollars in your loss fund
  • Extensive loss control training is mandatory, which ultimately reduces exposure to losses
  • Individual participation by members according to their interests or expertise
  • Long-term premium stability
  • Tax advantages

For those who qualify, a Captive program will provide a longer-term, stable mechanism to control insurance costs and cope with changing market dynamics.

Learn more about these programs by watching this informational video provided by Captive Resources, Inc.

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