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General Liability

Firms are constantly at risk of being sued. This could stem from the products that you make or sell, allegations of poor workmanship, a visitor falling while on your premises, or even signing a contract without understanding the insurance requirements contained within it. Even if these charges have no merit, it is very costly to defend yourself.

Every business takes on these risks—the key is to identify those risks and put the proper insurance policy in place to offer your business protection from your alleged or actual negligence while operating your business.

Arbor will ask you questions about who you are, what you do, how you do it, and what keeps you awake at night. Our job is to find the solutions that meet your unique needs and design appropriate insurance policies with you in mind. We’re not just here to sell you an insurance policy—we’re here to ensure that your business can defend itself.

Arbor provides additional support with:

  • Review of key contracts—leases, rental equipment, client contracts
  • Corporate structure review
  • Review of your Certificates of Insurance for vendors, supplies, and subcontractors
  • Pollution exposure assessment

Arbor also offers excess liability (umbrella) insurance to provide an extra level of liability protection.

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Business Insurance


We can make sure it’s covered.

Doing business brings with it a long list of what-ifs and x-factors. Insurance shouldn’t be one of them.