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Property Insurance

Whether you’re a building owner or tenant, a manufacturer or healthcare facility, a contractor with unusual equipment or a restaurant, Arbor will look at your business assets and the varied ways to insure them. Then we’ll talk with you about the options available so that you’re able to make informed decisions.

Handling your unique business risks are more than writing an insurance policy. Arbor will provide additional support with:

  • Insurance appraisals of your property
  • Business Income calculation assistance
  • Loss Control inspections
  • ISO Report review and Sprinkler Certifications
  • Infrared Testing Services
  • Disaster Planning
  • Statement of Values
  • Annual review including additional interests/mortgagees/loss payees
  • Boiler inspections
  • Flood certifications

Your business is constantly changing and evolving. Our business is constantly making sure you’ve got the right coverage.

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Business Insurance


We can make sure it’s covered.

Doing business brings with it a long list of what-ifs and x-factors. Insurance shouldn’t be one of them.