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Workers’ Compensation

Your business is one of your greatest investments. Your employees are your most important asset. With this in mind, Arbor can help you safeguard both your business and the people you employ.

Workers’ Compensation claims are among the most difficult for any business to handle. Poor claim handling can also result in increased Experience Modifications and higher-than-average insurance premiums. At Arbor, we take a flexible approach to developing the right program with our clients’ specific operations in mind. Our process is personal. We get to know your business and what is important to you.

In addition to finding the best Workers’ Compensation program for your business, we offer:

  • Claims Advocacy
  • Physician Panel reviews
  • Safety Committee creation and training assistance
  • Mid-Term payroll review
  • Experience Modification calculations
  • Light duty/Return to Work program development
  • “Pay as you go” premium payment options
  • PA Compensation Rating Bureau Classification evaluations
  • Audit review and advocacy
  • Officer exclusion analysis
  • Educational seminars developed to address timely issues

Arbor’s ultimate goal? Helping you keep costs down and keep employees healthy and productive.

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