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Life insurance is a no-brainer!

By June 25, 2015March 3rd, 2022No Comments

My name is Brandy LiCausi and I have been working for Arbor Insurance Group on the personal lines team since 2006. I moved to PA from NJ in 2005 when I met my husband Joe. This October we will be celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary. Our favorite place to visit a few times a year to relax is Lancaster, PA.Brandy family for newsletter

This past November we had a little girl and our lives have changed so much! I’m thankful we both got a life insurance policy when we got married because now that we have this little life depending on us. I can’t imagine either of us being able to continue the type of life style we have come to enjoy without the others income.  I was pleasantly surprised that a $25,000 life insurance policy for our daughter only cost us $70 a year.  I pray that we are always as happy and healthy as we are today, but if that should change, we will never have to worry about not having a life insurance policy.

Life insurance today has never been easier to get.  It’s not too late to find out about a policy and it only takes one phone call.  Losing a loved one is never easy and most times it can be very unexpected.  Arbor cares about its customers and making sure that each person is covered for their individual insurance needs.  If you ask me, everyone needs a life insurance policy.  For more information, call Roberta Kates at 610-437-3340, ext. 225, or email her at

Brandy LiCausi

Personal Lines Insurance Advisor


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