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Wedding Insurance and why you need it!

By September 17, 2014March 3rd, 2022No Comments


Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, and of course you want everything to go perfectly. However, something may happen that is out of your control. Just as you protect your home and car, you should be protecting your big day!

According to, US couples in 2014 are spending an average of $29,858 on their wedding day. That is a lot of money to gamble with if you don’t purchase wedding insurance. We offer a wonderful product from Travelers Insurance that will cover every aspect of your day, from your vendors to your venue. According to Travelers, problems stemming from vendors and venues attribute to 36% of wedding day issues. Most venues require a large deposit to reserve your date. If for some reason they close their doors before your wedding date, you will most likely lose the money that you have put down on your date- this happens more often than you think. If you have wedding insurance, the insurance company will go after that money for you so that you can focus on more important things- like finding a new venue!

Your wedding insurance can also cover you if you need to cancel your event last minute. You may need to cancel because extreme weather, a death in the family, or an injury or illness that you or your future spouse is faced with. While we hate to think that any of these things would happen, they do. You need to protect yourself and the commitment you have made to your wedding day.

Arbor offers a great wedding insurance product through Travelers Insurance. You can go to Wedding Protector Plan® to get a free quote today, or simply call our office to speak with an advisor at 610-437-3340.

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